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Fuel Drained from All Types of Vehicle Tanks

Filling up diesel car with petrol is a rising issue as the number of diesel car sales increase. The new diesel vehicles have become so quiet and efficient that they can easily be mistaken for being a petrol car. The most important thing to do in case of misfuelling is not to start the car because this will start to circulate the contaminated fuel. Just keep the engine shut and give us a call and we will be there within no time

What happens when Petrol is filled in Diesel Engine?

Filling petrol in diesel vehicle can cause serious damage to your engine. With modern diesel fuel pumps running at such high pressures, this can cause damage to the pump when the metal grinds together. The petrol can also be damaging to the diesel pump & fuel system seals. The extent of the damage depends on how much the engine has been run for after the misfuelling. If you have already started driving and have now realised that contaminated fuel has gone in stop driving immediately and switch off.

The main reason is that the further the petrol moves along your fuel system, the more expensive the repair. Therefore, we recommend you get it drained out as early as possible to avoid heavy losses.

Why Choose GMM1 for Wrong Fuel Recovery?

GMM1 team takes pride in being the best petrol in diesel specialists not only in London but also in the whole UK. Our wrong fuel technicians are qualified and experienced in draining contaminated fuel from any make and model of any vehicle including cars, trucks, vans, boats, bikes etc. Our expertise is not limited to any particular type of vehicle. Only state of the art equipment is put to use for getting the job done.

The Most Economical Prices on Petrol in Diesel Fix Service

GMM1 team values customer satisfaction instead of making you pay heavy bills and making you more frustrated. We have earned a reputation for providing the most low-cost solution to motorists who misfuel their cars. Despite offering the lowest prices, there’s no chance of compromising the quality of treatment. At GMM1, the prices of petrol in diesel recovery start from £99 only. Just pick your phone and call us to save your precious vehicle from excessive damage.

CALL US ON - 020 3143 5992

24 hour mobile fuel drain service

Quick Turnaround in London & Surroundings

Our 24/7 fuel drain service is easily accessible in London by a phone call. GMM1 knows how important time is for you and your vehicle. That is why; our mobile fuel assist team won’t take long to reach you. With quick turnaround, our wrong fuel engineers would hardly take 20-25 minutes to flush the fuel from your vehicle on the spot and show you green light to resume your journey. We cover all London and the neighboring areas.

CALL US ON - 020 3143 5992

24 hour mobile fuel drain service